International Workshop on Diagnostics and Modelling for Plasma Medicine (DMPM2014)

The International Workshop on Diagnostics and Modelling for Plasma Medicine (DMPM2014) is an international venue for discussion and sharing of information on the latest advancement of fundamental sciences associated with plasma medicine. Especially it focuses on the development of diagnostics, modelling, and numerical simulation techniques to access gas-phase plasmas, liquids in contact with gas-phase plasmas, and biological systems exposed to such plasmas or plasma-irradiate liquids. As the co-chairs of the DMPM2014, we would like to welcome to the DMPM2014 scientists, engineers, and medical professionals from various disciplines who have an interest in fundamental aspects of plasma medicine research. The DMPM2014 is a one-and-half-day single session workshop that will be held right after and in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM5) at the same venue of the ICPM5 (i.e., Nara Prefectural New Public Hall ) on Friday (23 May, 2014) afternoon and at nearby Todaiji Culture Center on Saturday (24 May). Since the workshop's duration and space are limited, all oral presentations are invited. However the meeting is open to the registered participants (especially those of the ICPM5) and any professionals and students who are interested in sharing their recent research results in this field are encouraged to present their work in the Poster Session of the workshop. Again we would like to welcome to the DMPM2014 all who are interested in this exciting new field of science.

Satoshi Hamaguchi
Osaka University
Stephan Reuter
Leibniz Institut for Plasma Science and Technology
Co-chairs of DMPM2014

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May 23 (Fri) afternoon- May 24 (Sat), 2014 (right after the ICPM5)
May 23, Nara Prefectural New Public Hall (in the ICPM5 venue)
May 24, Todaiji Culture Center, Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan (near the ICPM5 venue)
Guide to Facilities
Scientific Topics include
1. Diagnostics of gas-phase plasmas
2. Modeling and simulation of gas-phase plasmas
3. Diagnostics of liquid-phase systems
4. Modeling and simulation of liquid-phase systems
5. Diagnostics of biological systems
6. Modeling and simulation of biological systems
7. Others
Plenary SpeakersInvited Speakers
Peter Bruggeman (USA)Margarita Baeva (Germany)
David Graves (USA)Markus Becker (Germany)
Katsuhisa Kitano (Japan)Malte Hammer (Germany)
Petr Lukes (Czech Republic)Young June Hong (Korea)
Eric Neyts (Belgium)Kai Masur (Germany)
Jean-Michel Pouvesle (France)Se Youn Moon (Korea)
Thomas von Woedtke (Germany)Tomoyuki Murakami (Japan)
Deborah O'Connell (UK)
Ryo Ono (Japan)
Ken-ichi Yano (Japan)
Kristian Wende (Germany)
Jörn Winter (Germany)
List of Participants:
If any correction is needed to the list, please contact us at
dmpm2014 [at]
List of Participants
Registration fees:
ICPM5 registered participants: free of charge
Others (Regular): 25,000 JPY
Others (Students): 10,000 JPY
Registration fees are payable only by cash on site.
Other fees (optional):
Workshop Reception/Banquet (May 23, Friday): 7,000 JPY
Online Registration is now available. closed
Call for Abstracts:
Call for Abstracts now available. (Deadline: May 1, 2014) closed
Program & Book of Abstract:
Schedule / Oral / Poster Program / Book of Abstract
Instructions for Presenters:
  • The poster board size is 1.8m high and 1.2m wide. Drawing pins (thumbtacks) for posting will be offered by the organizer.
  • Please put up your poster before 5 pm.
  • The poster board will be available 1 pm on the day.
Sponsored by:
JSPS(Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
DFG(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
This seminar was supported by JSPS and German Research Foundation under the Japan-Germany Research Cooperative Program.
International Scientific Committee:
Anne Bourdon (France)
Eun Ha Choi (Korea)
Greg Fridman (USA)
William Graham (UK)
Satoshi Hamaguchi (Japan, co-chair)
Masaru Hori (Japan)
Gerrit Kroesen (Netherlands)
Mark Kushner (USA)
Xinpei Lu (China)
Stephan Reuter (Germany, co-chair)
Victor Vasiletts (Russia)
Klaus-Dieter Weltmann (Germany)
Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University,
2-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871, Japan.