Publication (Regular Articles)

Publication : Special Issue of "Plasma Medicine" Journal Submission

Deadline: August 29 (Fri), 2014.

Official Publication of ICPM5:

  • All presentations may be published as "Regular Articles" (not proceeding papers) in the ICPM5 Special Issue of "Plasma Medicine." The "Plasma Medicine" is the journal officially associated with ICPM and ISPM (International Society for Plasma Medicine).
  • No publication fee is required.
  • The submission deadline for the special issue is Aug. 29 (Fri), 2014.
  • To submit your paper to the special issue, follow the instructions given in
    Instruction and Sample
    • Go to http://submission.begellhouse.com/
    • Create user account (wait for about 1 day for approval) if you have none yet.
    • Upload your paper to Plasma Medicine journal
    • At the final step of the upload, you are asked if this is a regular paper or a Special Issue. Please select "ICPM-5 Special Issue, Guest editor: Satoshi Hamaguchi"
    You can download
    Paper format for plasma medicine
    Instruction for paper submission to Plasma Medicine
  • Papers published in "Plasma Medicine" are currently free to download. Once your submitted paper is accepted and proofread, it will be published immediately on-line (before the full version of the Special Issue is published.)
    The Special Issue is planned to be published on-line by mid December 2014 and its hardcopy version will be published subsequently.
  • All presenters of the ICPM5 are strongly encouraged to submit papers related to their presentations to this Special Issue.